the 5 th china liaoning international magnesia materiais exposition
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    Magnesia refractory products, magnesia chemical products, magnesia building products, magnesium alloy products, scientific research achievements of magnesia material industry, production and manufacturing equipment, dust-disposing technology and environment protection equipment products for magnesia materials industry, products and manufacturing equipment for boron, talc and bentonite industry.

Participation Procedures

    Please carefully fill in the Application Form for Exhibition, and then send it by fax or mail to the Organizing Committee. Or, please CLICK the 6th CLIMME official website ( and apply with the prescribed procedures. The deadline is Aug. 10, 2014.

    After receiving the Application Form, the Organizing Committee will allocate the location of booth, and then fax a confirmation letter with the official seal of the Organizing Committee to exhibitors.

    Please remit the booth charge to the specified account within one week after receiving the confirmation letter. Otherwise, the booth allocated will be cancelled.

    Please fax the remit receipt to the Organizing Committee after Remitting.

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